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The most suitable location for the heat exchanger seems to be on top of the present induction air box, rotated so that the aft inboard corner touches the firewall while the aft outboard edge is about an inch and a half from it.The firewall thus forms the roof of the wedge-shaped "tank" that feeds cooling air into the core.It must require moving or damaging as few existing items as possible.My mental scheme is like a rapidly oscillating object that at first appears blurred, but, as it slows, acquires sharper outlines and at last halts in place.A turbonormalized Bonanza has a ram air intake about 3 or 3.5 inches in diameter, but unless the velocity ratio in the duct happens to be 1.0, that tells me little about the actual mass flow.I had thought about constructing a pitot-style inlet with a boundary layer channel, but I decided it would be rather complicated and possibly draggy, so my present thought is to replace the existing NACA scoop in the cowling side panel with one about three times larger.

A third tank, on the bottom surface of the core between it and the induction air box, is connected to the existing riser coming from the turbocharger; on top of the core, a fourth tank feeds the cooled air to the throttle.There are no external screws on the case, which seemed to be glued shut.I cracked the joint with a chisel and pulled the halves apart sufficiently to see the battery that maintains the device's memory.This would supply both induction and charge cooling air.I'm not sure what the politics of splitting the inner channel of a NACA scoop are, but I'll find out.

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Meanwhile, the #2 unit, which is currently installed in the airplane, has developed a new problem: it remains on for only a few seconds after startup, and then turns off.

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